Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue

SKU: BU-1956731
Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue
Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue
Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue
Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue

Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue

SKU: BU-1956731
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Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube Upgrade for First Strike T15 - Blue

Product description:
Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tube in the further improved 2.0 version.

The Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tube is entering the next round with version 2.0. It is an upgrade bolt sleeve that was made from a single part and thus brings a few more amenities in addition to increased marker performance.

The DSG T15 Power Tube has a front thread for screwing in barrels. The sleeve is available with either an A5 or Cocker thread. This means that almost all standard barrels can now be played on the T15, such as Carmatech Nemesis barrels, Hammerhead barrels, Smart Parts Freak Sets and all other barrels with a standard marker thread. The bayonet lock is omitted.

Another benefit is that the barrels are now firmly seated in the receiver. T15 players know the problem that the barrel sometimes had a lot of play in the marker housing or even wobbled. You sometimes had to tighten the fixing screw for the barrel of the T15 very hard and even that didn't always help. The new Generation 5 model could only bring a little improvement here, but could not completely eliminate the known problem. So the Dynamic Sports Gear Power Tube for the First Strike T15 marker is and remains the only really good solution to this problem.

The high-quality, finely honed aluminum material is designed for maximum durability and has a hard-anodized, cyan-blue finish. The blue color was deliberately chosen to make the component clearly recognizable as a tuning part and, in contrast to the golden predecessor model, also to be clearly recognizable as version 2.0. Since it is inside the case, you can't see anything of the eye-catching look from the outside.

The Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tube 2.0 can do that
DSG has improved the following points in its 2.0 version of the T15 Power Tube.

1. The bore of the valve pin was adjusted to counteract the large, design-related tolerances of the T15 (in the previous model, about 10% of the markers had contact points)

2. The thin-walled bore of the recock screw has now been replaced by a triangular milling which is not only more stable, but also ensures that the milled area now fits 100% precisely in the area of ​​the upper manifold.

3. Instead of a single rear cap guide, the new T15 Power Tube 2.0 now offers 3 guides. On the one hand as an alternative, if a guide breaks out, which unfortunately can happen quickly on the T15 if you open the housing in the clamped state. Also in preparation for the new Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Adjustable Rear Cap with 3 mounting points, which better distributes the forces that occur and thus makes the system more durable. In addition, the new rear cap will have a screw with which the spring tension can be fine-tuned. The new rear cap is expected to appear in stores by the end of the year.

4. New color scheme - Glossy Blue Anodized - to clearly identify the product as a 2nd generation option part.

Of course, all the features of the previous model have also been adopted one-to-one. So you get the same features as the first model plus the other improvements mentioned above. In addition, the manufacturer managed to reduce the price by around 15% due to the high demand.

The performance upgrade:
Tests with the new DSG 2.0 Power Tube have also shown that the marker works more air-efficiently and consistently after installation. Due to the extremely good fitting accuracy of the accessory, all components of the bolt have significantly less play than in the series component. This means that the O-rings seal much better and air is no longer lost in unnecessary gaps. In the tests, 2.5 more magazines could be fired from a normal 200 bar bottle with a filling volume of 0.2L. That equates to 50 more rounds of firepower from a single bottle.

T15 players know about the marker's susceptibility to weather. Depending on the outside temperature, the Re-Cock screw in the area of ​​the trigger unit has to be set and adjusted again and again on the standard model. That too has come to an end with the new DSG T15 Power Tube. You can not only regulate the Re-Cock screw down significantly, but the marker works almost constantly in all weather conditions thanks to the new power tube with a very low basic setting. This is also a reason for saving air.

A final feature is the more constant shot pattern. Due to the improved fit in the area of ​​the bolt O-rings, the T15 works more consistently after installation and there are fewer FPS fluctuations. This improves shot pattern and performance.

- Optimized valve pin bore compared to the previous version
- Revised design of the Recock screw milling in triangle shape design
- 3 guides / contact points for the rear cap, making it significantly more durable
- Prepared for the DSG T15 Adjustable Rear Cap (sold separately)
- More consistent shooting speed / FPS
- Cocker barrels can be used directly without an adapter
- Re-Cock screw adjustable to almost "zero" in any weather
- Better fit of the inner marker components
- Makes one out of three components (no more unnecessary loss of air!)
- CNC machined from high quality 6061 aluminum material
- Blue hard anodized (surface) for ultra long life
- The marker is up to 20% more air efficient after installation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S. A.
Super Produkt

Die Power Tube ist ein absolutes Muss für die T15. Endlich weg vom Bajonetverschluss. So kann man endlich andere Läufe ohne lästige Adapter benutzen und vor allem ohne lästiges Gewackel.

Man sollte allerdings beachten, dass man die Tube vor dem Einbau einmal leicht ölt oder mit Silikonspray einsprüht.

Ich habe gleich zwei für mich und meine Frau bestellt.

Bei dem Preis wäre es seitens Hersteller ganz gut, wenn Ball Detents mitgeliefert werden würden.

Die Lieferung erfolgte wie gewohnt sehr schnell und zuverlässig.

Powertube t15

Die Powertube lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, wenn man dauerhaft auf andere Läufe umsteigt und es hatte den positiven Nebeneffekt, den Spalt zwischen Rearcap und dem Lower receiver der t15 bei mir zu beheben. Zudem werden lücken beseitigt und es wird nur sehr wenig druck benötigt den Bolzen nach hinten zu beschleunigen. Tipp: die Recockschraube auf ca. 2/3 zudrehen, weniger Belastungen für die t15.

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