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    330 products

    paintball masks

    are one of the pivotal points of your paintball equipment.
    What use is the best marker and the best gear if you can't see or hear?

    If you buy the wrong or a cheap paintball mask, you run the risk of the glass fogging up from the inside very quickly.
    Or you have a kind of hall effect when you speak, which can be so strong with cheap masks that you are literally inhibited from speaking.

    If you want to have lasting fun and if a clear view is important to you, you shouldn't go below the limit of around €40 when buying a paintball mask.

    What is important with masks?

    - Thermal Glass / Thermal Masks :
    With these masks there is a glass that consists of two layers and works with an air layer in the middle. The inner (thinner) glass is thermally separated from the outer (solid) glass. This means that the inner glass is warmed up by your breath, while the outer one is cooled by the ambient temperature.
    If both happened on a glass, it would fog up immediately, or at least relatively quickly.
    In addition, most thermal glasses have an anti- fog layer on the inside.

    Are you unsure whether it is thermal glass?

    You can recognize thermal glasses or thermal masks by the black edge compound in the glass, the 2 panes are glued together with a kind of foam rubber strip.
    But beware, sometimes a thermal coating is advertised that is not nearly as good as a real thermal glass

    Do you need a large / small mask?

    The topic always causes problems. If you really have difficulties, you should look for the brands JT and Empire . The Empire EVS in particular is really big and therefore offers a monstrous field of view.

    Of course, there are also small masks next to the wide midfield:
    The smallest are probably the Dye i4 and the Push Unite .

    How to avoid bruises and injuries?

    For example, if you work in customer service and do not want to risk that your hobby can be seen at the next customer meeting, then you should think about a so-called full cover mask .
    The manufacturer JT offers the model " JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Cover ", this model encloses the entire head and, most importantly, the JT masks generally have a very high degree of coverage of the face shield, so that the chin and neck are still covered to be protected.

    What is the best way to care for my mask?

    To prevent the glass from fogging up, there are a few things to consider.
    To clean the glass, please use a microfiber cloth like the one you get in our shop, because some cloths leave scratches. In the long run, a gray film is formed by many small scratches.
    You should also use this cloth on the inside of the glass as carefully as possible so as not to remove the coating that counteracts fogging.
    Last but not least, you should disassemble the mask between the frame and the glass and free the edge of the glass from the paint, otherwise the penetrating paint threatens to damage your edge seal or even penetrate it, the glass would then be irreparably damaged and can go in the trash.
    It is better to clean these hits right away, that saves money.
    Never hold the mask under water!

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