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    Grenades or better paintball grenades are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the paintball MagFed area continues to grow.

    In the Magfed or Milsim area, grenades and flashbangs belong to the good tone, whether at scenario events abroad or on the domestic paintball fields, grenades are not to be underestimated as a tactical means in paintball.
    To mark opponents are best the paintball grenades which are filled with paint or paintballs.
    Depending on the rules or agreement, there are also grenades with colored powder, which leave a beautiful cloud when detonated and also mark so effectively.

    Paintball Flashbang's which were developed for the game or also for training are the ideal companion if it applies to clear buildings or to storm rooms.
    The paintball flashbang blinds and distracts the enemy.
    Before entering the room a flashbang is ignited and thrown into the room.
    The opponent who is now focused on the grenade and startled by the bang is easier to surprise and take out of the game.

    Paintball smoke grenades are available in different sizes for different applications, so there are small smoke grenades for e.g. hallways or narrow alleys, medium smoke grenades for e.g. advancing under cover of a smoke screen or smoke grenades that burn on both sides to release the smoke faster.
    There are even smoke grenades that can smoke an entire battalion.

    Paintball Grenades and Flashbang's are great products to make your game even more realistic and varied.

    How it works:
    Paintball and airsoft grenades now almost exclusively have rip fuzes or toggle fuzes secured by cotter pins.

    With the rip fuse there is a metal ring at the upper end of the grenade which is connected by wire with the fuse inside the grenade.
    When the wire is torn off, the fuse is set in motion and, depending on the model, you have between 2-4 seconds before the grenade detonates.

    If the toggle fuse is splinted, for example on Taginn grenades, a safety pin is pulled first.
    After the pin is pulled, the grenade is armed but the detonation is not yet initiated. Only when the rocker arm is released while throwing, the grenade is in the ignition range and detonates 2 seconds later.
    This has the advantage that the grenade can be secured again by a cotter pin if it is not needed.

    Safety advice:
    - In order to continue to have fun while playing, we recommend wearing safety masks that are approved for paintball or airsoft when handling paintball grenades or flashbangs.

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