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33 products

    33 products

    Paintball complete sets / savings packages

    Our packages or sets are deliberately put together in such a way that you only have to buy one mask in addition to the package.
    This has the advantage that you have the full selection available and may not buy twice because the included mask is simply too bad.

    As a former field operator, we know how the equipment works and how it behaves, which combinations make sense and how you can make them work again if something doesn't work.

    The paintball sets that you can find in our shop are prepared for you so that they are ready to play and you can start playing right on the field. It is important to us for beginners or savings packages that they also work in the long term.
    The customer should not have to tinker and screw to have fun. It should all work with minimal maintenance.
    Should a problem arise, we feel responsible for helping you and fixing the problem, whether by phone, email, Whatsapp or video. We offer you lots of options.

    If we can't figure out the problem via remote diagnosis, you can send in the marker set free of charge, we will then repair the marker and send you a repair report so that you are prepared for the next time.