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    The manufacturer Artlife advertises that its balls have a flawless roundness and are manufactured under the strictest regulations and with the most modern machines.

    The results and experiences of the players speak for themselves when it comes to the die paint remaining dimensionally stable and firm throughout the day.

    Artlife is known for the fact that the paintballs "Commander" and "Huntsman" withstand even the pressure in magazines and stay in shape even in high humidity.
    Thanks to a special 3-layer structure, elasticity is achieved at the same time, which enables the ball to reliably rise to the target.

    If you check opinions and experiences in forums and social media, you will quickly find that Artlife "Magfed" Paint is now one of the most popular and not only in Germany.

    The most common markers such as Dye Dam, First Strike T15, Planet Eclipse EMF100 and Tippmann TMC achieve excellent results with these balls.

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