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    Smart Parts Freak XL sets

    The Smart Parts Freak product family is the best and most flexible running system currently available on the market. Since its introduction in 2000, it has been continuously developed and improved and offers no comparable alternative.

    A run basically consists of three parts:

    1. The rear part (back), which must match your marker from the barrel thread.
    2. The front part (front), which determines the running length.
    3. The spacer sleeve (insert), which determines the diameter of the barrel to a hundredth of a millimeter.

    Matching the barrel diameter to the paintball at hand was a major innovation that was often imitated but never equaled. A well-matched paint-barrel ratio ensures optimal air consumption and few running bursts due to low friction. In combination with the corresponding front parts, the precision is significantly increased at the same time.

    The Freak Lauf product family is not just a barrel, but the solution to all questions, requests and problems relating to running. The outstanding features are:

    • Unbeatable value for money
    • High flexibility (barrel length/diameter)
    • 100% compatibility between all parts
    • precision
    • Individuality (style and color)
    • Convenience
    • Widespread and expandable

    The rear part (back) is designed to accommodate sleeves and has a thread on both sides. One of the threads is specific to the marker the barrel is used for, typically Cocker or Luxe, while the other thread is compatible with any Freak front end.

    The front part (front) differs in design (Freak Standard or AA) and length.
    AA is short for AllAmerican and refers to the front section with double helix holes designed to spin the paintball and stabilize its trajectory. An AA front is basically 0.5 inches shorter than a standard front. This has straight holes and is visually better matched to the current markers.

    The length of the forepart has an impact on precision, but also on mobility. Typically, 14" barrels are the standard for all players. Longer barrels are particularly useful for back players who often need to shoot at long range, as well as recreational players on large playing surfaces. When distances get shorter or there is little space behind cover, a shorter barrel length is usually chosen Classic applications are games in halls or front players in tournaments, who often have to make themselves very small, but still want to play left and right from their cover.

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